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Beauty On Wheels

En guard mirror
I see you taunting me in my chair
So shiny and gleaming
The morning rise
I rub my eyes and peep into your flat form
I've seen enough !
I want to start my day rolling
In empowering ways
If I sit before you too long
I might not leave the house
You reflect my soul's suitcase
A wheeler who rides
Let's pimp that ride
Your response ?
"Not so much"
There's another blemish
A new wrinkle there
And what's with all the chin hair ?
Tweezers to the rescue
Ouch ! Hey ! That hurt !
Sake of beauty
Sake of beauty

Be kind to me glass
Reflecting what is before you
The truth
There are days
I cannot and will not
Handle the truth !

Real beauty comes from the inside
Beauty's form we cannot hide
I use to think beauty was skin deep
Facials and peels and a good nights sleep
Ageing in my chair
Has taught me to think in different ways
No more riding the beauty craze

I turned off the TV
To see the real me

I looked in the mirror and a great surprise
I decided, "I'm not buying the media's lies"
My skins not perfect and my hair can be a mess
But I now look into my mirror and roll on with finesse
(Katie Rodriguez Banister)